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Rev. Melissa McDuffee

Pastor Storyteller Millenial

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Melissa Turkett
The Abundant Life of Mary the Tower
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The Abundant Life of Mary the Tower

The Abundant Life of Mary and Martha
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The Abundant Life of Mary and Martha

The Abundant Life of Mary the Theotokos
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The Abundant Life of Mary the Theotokos

Trailer Stories to Inspire the ABUNDANT LIFE
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Trailer Stories to Inspire the ABUNDANT LIFE

My Story


Hi I'm Melissa!

I'm a pastor in The United Methodist Church where I currently serve as the Lead Pastor at First United Methodist Church Cleburne in Texas. I am the mom to a tenaciously curious daughter whose name is Ellis.


I believe life is best lived in hammock chairs, hiking, and eating good food at a crowded table. 

And I love the messy, beautiful Church. I was raised in it, I have deconstructed from it, and I have found my way back. And now I fiercely believe in creating space for everyone to come sit at Christ's table. Join me as we find God and each other.  

My Life


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Melissa has spoken at events of all sizes and styles. She's spoken to a thousand high school students at the closing rally for a mission week. She's been the keynote for college ministry retreats. She's preached at women's conferences. And she's been the camp pastor/teacher for Camp Counselors as they learn the curriculum they teach to all the campers for summer. 


Melissa can craft the right message for your group.

Pastor Melissa brings Biblical text to life through her richly developed sermons. Her messages are relatable to both young people and older generations. Listeners walk away feeling encouraged, motivated, and called to action. 

- Claire Condrey, Central Texas Conference East District Youth Ministry Coordinator



What is coaching?

In Proverbs 8 Wisdom watches over God's shoulder as God creates the world, set the heights of the mountains and the borders of the oceans. God sits at the architect's table and sketches out all of creation and Wisdom holds utter delight in the work of God. 

In coaching, you are the only one who can sit at the architect's table of your life. You set the limits, the heights, and depths. In coaching, the coach peers over your shoulder at your life and asks powerful questions that help you more clearly see the creation you are already making out of your wild and beautiful life.

Melissa is on a mission to help you find beauty in the everyday ordinary by unleashing your abundant life. In one on one coaching we craft this life for you through curiosity, good questions, and utter delight.

Melissa is a trained Leadership Coach through an ICF (International Coaching Federation) approved program. 

Melissa is a coach that makes me feel heard and loved. She also has a presence that brings God into every conversation. I have set goals and been encouraged while experiencing peace and the presence of God. Melissa as a coach, makes my day every time!

-Rev. Rachel Heyduck, ACC

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